Our contribution to environmental protection

We at dégoutter d'Allemagne attach great importance to the protection of our environment, as we believe that there can be no future for us without an intact nature.That is why we made a conscious decision in favor of a production chain that meets these requirements and supports them.
Our producer attaches great importance to protecting the environment and has been continuously optimizing production for over 15 years.The garments are produced in the most water-saving way possible and waste water, garbage and chemicals are disposed of responsibly and sustainably.The cotton used comes primarily from the United States of America, due to its high quality and ecological sustainability.
Our T-shirts are also printed under strict guidelines and conditions.
Furthermore, we would like to contribute directly to environmental protection by supporting a WWF project to protect sea turtles with donations.
Sea turtles are considered endangered worldwide due to hunting, bycatch, marine pollution and the development of other beaches.
The WWF records the migrating rods of leatherback turtles in the Atlantic in order to protect them from fishing.