Dégoutter d'Allemagne is a German fashion label that combines simple, modern designs with fresh motifs.Our designs should draw attention to the conscious perception of life.

We too have often had to experience the effects of environmental pollution, whether in everyday situations or in supposedly dream locations.

That is why we would like to use our fashion to draw attention to various ecological problems of our time and contribute to their solution.

For us, all people who consciously perceive life and act in this way are the future of our planet.Therefore, with dégoutter we would like to offer everyone an insight into the beauty of nature and give the opportunity to contribute to its preservation.We want to combine attractive looks with coping with environmental problems.This enables the following generations to experience the full beauty of our planet.

The designs developed by us are intended to direct the focus on the relevance, the preservation, the beauty created by nature.

Dégoutter supports various WWF projects with donations.